Interfaith Fellowship at Serenbe began in 2006 under the compassionate leadership and organization of Rev. Roy Godwin and Serenbe co-founder, Marie Nygren. They envisioned a unique gathering of spiritual seekers from all walks where a great variety of topics could be presented and where anyone could share their thoughts and questions in an inviting and spiritually tolerant setting.

As the Serenbe community and the communities around it have grown, Interfaith has been blessed by many leaders who share our love of nature and commitment to spiritual growth. We love deep listening and courageous conversations, and have developed community agreements around processes to enable authentic and loving community.   

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“Thank you for the very thoughtful presentation today. It may have been the most enlightening and thought provoking Easter message ever for me. I cannot tell you how much your dedication and selfless sharing of your energy to the Interfaith community has meant in my life and in the lives of so many others.”
~ Mary H. J.
"Thank you very much! Very nice service with a lot I knew and a great deal I did not know. Well done."
~ Randy H.
“Serenbe is so special to have an Interfaith group! We feel so comfortable here. All the topics are relevant in their own way, and the discussions are always wonderful! We feel a very tolerant spirit and inclusive approach to all faiths. It's so great to look forward to the next meeting too.”
~ Sue M.


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Interfaith Fellowship at Serenbe

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